“We moved cross country to be foster parents in a group home & were fearful of lack of support and community. Within a few day of our placement of 3 kids ages 3 and under, The Hands & Feet and their community stepped in and wrapped their arms around us. We were provided life changing gifts such as a double stroller, night lights for the kids, & a sound machine. It has blessed our outdoor adventures and nighttime rests. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much!!!!”

“My husband and I were recently licensed as Foster Parents. Our foster placement journey started with a call at 1pm for placement of an 18 month baby girl scheduled to arrive at our home at 3:30 pm. With little to no time to plan, I'm truly grateful for Bailey Hughes. Bailey was a seasoned foster parent who immediately made things happen as soon as she received notification that a child was being placed in our care. Bailey initiated an Instacart delivery with baby food, diapers and wipes that arrived a few minutes before our foster child arrived. In addition, she went to a foster closet and retrieved clothing items for our child. As a result of Bailey's efforts, we were able to feed and clothe our child that evening. Bailey recently launched "The Hands and Feet" delivery service to make the process of taking a foster child into a home as seamless as possible. This is an essential and much needed service for foster parents.”

My experience with The Hands and Feet was nothing but amazing. They came through within 12 hrs and made it happen when I received a placement of 3 male siblings who came with nothing but what they were wearing. By the end of the second day I had a full bag of clothes for each child including PJ’s. Shortly after that I was receiving diapers, wipes, and socks for my 3 boys on top of the other sibling pair of 3 I got 2weeks prior. The ladies of The Hands and Feet are a pleasure to talk to and are very caring about families and kids in foster care.”