Frequently asked questions

Who do we serve?

 We serve any child or family with an open DCF case.  Foster families may submit a request for items at initial placement.  Kinship families can submit a request every quarter.  Biological families, aged out youth, and foster teens are served on a continual basis. 

How do you serve these families?

We gather items from local foster closets and through Amazon wishlists once a request is submitted through our website (click the buttons below to submit).

We deliver it to the family's home within 48 hours after a request has been submitted.


Where do you serve?

We serve families in Palm Beach County (including Belle Glade), the Treasure Coast (including Okeechobee), and Broward County.


Do we cost anything?

We are completely free.

What types of needs do you provide for?

Items such as clothing, car seats, baby gear, hygiene items, school supplies and uniforms, toys, shoes, socks, and underwear are some examples of items we can provide.


What types of items do you not provide?

We can not provide items such as housing, vehicles, electronics, and money. 


Who can make a request?

A family who has placement of the child, a child welfare worker, or agency working with the family can submit a request.


How do I make a request?

By clicking the links below for your area.