What are We

In July of 2021 The Hands and Feet in Palm Beach County, Florida launched to serve the immediate needs of foster and kinship families taking in a new child. We now serve all of south Florida including Palm Beach County, Broward County, and the Treasure Coast.


The process is simple. When a family receives a child into their home a request is submitted through our website. Once it is received all the items we can source locally through foster closets and donations occur first, all other needs are fulfilled via Amazon wishlists. Within 48 hours we deliver all of these items directly to the family's door, essentially acting as 'Door Dash' for foster care.



To be the hands and feet that deliver resources to all children and families impacted by the child welfare system

Our Vision

To bridge gaps in the South Florida child welfare system through differing programs that provide resources, services, and goods to foster children, biological families, kinship families, and aged out youth, as well as child welfare employees



Bailey-Founder and Palm Beach Director:  After fostering for over 5 years, taking in 23 children, and adopting 4 of them my husband and I closed our home in May of 2021. This left a gaping hole in my heart though as child welfare and the foster care community was something that had become my passion. After trying to find a way to stay involved but still be a full time mom to 4 special needs children I realized there was a big gap that no one had been able to fill in the foster care community. 


Many times children come right to your home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. While there are foster closets that provide these items, getting to them can be incredibly difficult. We realized if there was a way for the needs of a family to be requested and then collected and delivered it would be such a huge burden lifted. 


This thought quickly became a reality and then God just threw open the doors as fast as He could and put so many amazing people in our path. After two and a half months we have served almost 100 children across all of South Florida. While managing this ever growing non-profit isn't easy, it truly is what I know God wants me to be doing. 

Who are We

Makayla-Co-Founder: Living with my sister and brother-in-law over the last few years and seeing the children come into their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs I knew the mission of The Hands and Feet was exactly what was missing in the foster care community. 


The stories we have heard since launching in July are incredibly difficult to hear. From teens human trafficked from another country to babies abandoned at the hospital, it never ceases to amaze me the brokenness that's happening right in our own backyard. 


While I may not be a foster parent myself, at least not yet, I knew there was a way for me, a young college student, to still step up and help!


Kristin- Executive Director and Treasure Coast Director: When I saw the launch of The Hands and Feet I knew this is where God wanted me to serve. I immediately reached out to Bailey and asked how I could start this in my area. Within a few weeks The Hands and Feet: Treasure Coast was launched and the rest is history!


I have lived in the Treasure Coast of Florida for 27 years. I have three biological children and have been a foster parent for the past 5 years, welcoming19 children into my home. Currently I am in the process of adopting a sibling set of 3 sisters! While I work full time, I am praying for God to open the door to allow me to fully dedicate my career to foster families and child welfare. 


When I think about the mission of the The Hands and Feet I am reminded that there are so many   things a caregiver has to do when a child first comes into foster care.  Not everyone has such a strong community, especially in the beginning of their foster care journey.  My heart is to create what I have for someone else and hopefully make a difference in someone else’s story.

Ciarra- Executive Assistant: my husband and I have only been foster parents for 2 years and have seen incredible loss and brokenness in our community. as house parents we experienced sibling groups hoping to stay together and not enough homes open to them.

we saw the brokenness of biological families fighting with little to no resources. 

we saw foster families asking for “over capacity” waivers just to help one more kid.  one more family. 

we don’t have any more room in our home so we have looked for other opportunities to serve families which landed us with The Hands & Feet. there is an incredible opportunity for everyone to help many families with necessities to care for these vulnerable children! Running the Instagram page has been something that has been a tangible way of giving back and getting the word out to people about what The Hands and Feet does.


Sarah- Palm Beach and Broward Volunteer Coordinator: Every child deserves the love and comfort of a family but not every child gets to have that. Childhood is a time to be happy and carefree but that is not always the reality. My heart for these children goes beyond a passion.


Volunteering my time as the Volunteer Coordinator for The Hands and Feet is a small part of how I can give back to the foster community and say “thank you” for serving our children. It takes a village, and I am happy to be part of it!   

Colleen-Treasure Coast Volunteer Coordinator I am a South Florida native, homeschooling mom to an amazing daughter and work full time as a Pediatric Physician Assistant (PA). When I saw the incredible things God was doing through The Hands and Feet right here in my hometown, I knew this is where God could use me. I have always wanted to be involved in fostering, but that has not been possible due to work/life responsibilities. So having the opportunity to help families who do foster is a huge blessing and brings me such joy! Every child has a sparkle of hope and wonder in their eye and it’s such an honor to be a part of bringing them love and comfort. Through every opportunity, I want to let them know that they are seen, they matter and their life has meaning, to us and to God. 


Diana- Broward Co-Director  Ever since I met Bailey several years ago, I always tell everybody I meet, “everyone needs a Bailey in their life.” When I heard about her new journey with the hands and feet foundation I couldn’t help but think one day soon I will be joining her. At the time, my plate was full, and funny enough it’s still full, but the need is great and I am here to meet it. Like Bailey, we thrive on full plates, so I said, “let’s do it”! 


As a foster parent of nine years and proud adoptive mother of three children, I couldn’t think of a better way to help our foster family community. As a licensed clinical social worker at a South Florida pediatric hospital, I see how critical it is that these children have their basic needs met. With my friend Katy at my side, I am honored to be the co-Director for Broward County Hands and Feet! 


Katy-Broward Co-Director  Caring for foster kids has a been a passion of mine.  My grandma was a foster parent and since I was a little girl I wanted to be involved.  When becoming a foster parent wasn’t an option for me I prayed that God would give me ways to support them.  Through the years I have been blessed to know amazing foster families and tried to support them the best I could.  When I heard about The Hands and Feet I wanted to get involved.  Diana and I asked to take on Broward not knowing where time and resources would come from and with  God’s faithfulness I know he will meet our needs!  I am a stay at home mom and wife to a supportive husband with three beautiful kiddos, one with special needs.  My whole family is happy to be apart of The Hands and Feet and have been helpful and supportive.  I can’t wait to see what God will do! 

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